Welcome to the Climate Change Project Forum

This section of the web site has been created to share projects undertaken by ports to help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.  These projects will range from simple administrative policy changes that improve energy efficiency to complex agreements among ports and tenants to reduce emissions throughout the goods movement chain.  Wherever you are with your own port’s climate change planning, there is another port that can benefit from your experiences.  Please use this forum to share experiences and projects that have been significant to your organization. 

How to Share Your Project

To share your project, please download the Project Information Form (PDF) and fill in as much information as possible.  Most categories on the form are fill-in-the-blank with defined input limits that are structured to simplify presentation on this site.  Many sections may be filled in simply by cutting and pasting information from your existing summaries and publications. Sections such as “lessons and challenges” may require more in-depth or technical descriptions and take longer to input, but this may be the most valuable information for another port looking to undertake a similar project. 

Subsequent submissions of the PIF for the same project can be used to update or append projects that have already been submitted. 


GHG Project Forum Categories

Category Code
PDC Port Policies and Directly Controlled Sources
GEN Renewable Electricity Generation
OGV Ocean-going vessels
HC Harbor craft
CHE Cargo handling equipment
HDV Heavy-duty vehicles
RAIL Rail locomotives
OTH Other Projects

Port Policies and Directly Controlled Sources
(no projects submitted)

Electricity Generation
(no projects submitted)

Ocean-Going Vessels
Vessel Speed Reduction Program (POLA/POLB)
Alternative Maritime Power (POLA)

Harbor Craft
(no projects submitted)

Cargo Handling Equipment
(no projects submitted)

Heavy-duty Vehicles
(no projects submitted)

Rail Locomotives
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